Where to begin…

The first time I set foot on this continent I landed in South Africa, Delegation on Medicine program. I’ve dreamed of returning ever since. The culture here and the backdrop that is so different from my own fills my heart in ways I never imagined. Getting the opportunity to volunteer with Kissito Healthcare International for altruistic reasons is a passion of mine, but admittingly, this journey is for selfish reasons as well. Leaving our comfort zones ain’t easy, but the reward for doing so is worth every amount of suffering. This is a culture of community, survival, connectedness, perseverance ,this is village mentality, this is a tribe. My days in the States meet me with urgency, worry, thinking of what to do next, planning my future, consumerism, propaganda… what happens when you just “be”, live off the earth, sit in the grass and play with your family, watch the sunset, harvest your own food, laugh with Muzungu (white people) walking by, know your neighbors, hold hands with strangers, and connect on a frequency you just can’t find back home? Welcome to Uganda!



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3 responses to “Where to begin…

  1. val Padar

    This is absolutely wonderful Mel. Everything about it from the videos, pictures , to your writing, and stories, moves the heart.

  2. Kayla

    Mel, you are so right. In many ways life in the states is filled with obnoxious consumerism, materialism and most of all INSURANCE COMPANIES ROBBING PPL OF THEIR DIGNITY! There I am sure you don’t have to pay high insurance premiums to drive down the road. Or insuring your house for highway robbery just so these capitalistic entities will not fulfill their responsibilities to pay for any damage done to your property or person when the time comes. Some ppl live free of all of that bullshit for a simpler way of life that we call poverty. And more and more ppl in the states are living a life of mere existence to due all of the problems here! It is all in perspective! There are many lessons to be learned when leaving this country and entering others!

  3. Solar

    I agree with your mama completely. I wish I was back “home” with you. xo

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