Another day, another night

I’m exhausted, but it’s not like African woman to complain. I can learn something in this category. Today I worked from the office reading grants, health sector strategic plans, Uganda’s Ministry on Health’s Nat’l Nutrition strategy…you get the point. We just ate dinner and all I want to do is sleep, but noooooo, Tyler and I have a skype interview with channel 10 news in Roanoke at nine. I feel like i’m gonna yak cause I just took my Maleria pill, (again). Actually I’m lucky cause I have only been nauseous once or twice. The Doc just took our house mate Keisha to the clinic to get a malaria test, as she started displaying all the symptoms a couple of hours ago. We will know soon, and if she test positive she’ll be treated with medicine fast. The beauty of living with a doctor and being fortunate enough to afford western medicine.

Upon request I took pics of dinner tonight. Fiona cooks for us. I’m falling in love with this women. She’s sassy and wears beautiful African garbs that her tailor makes. She’s gonna take me to town Sat so we can get some material to make me a dress. I’ve never had a dress made for me-let alone an African dress, how exotic. She bakes cakes in a crock pot, and leaves the chicken sitting on the floor overnight. This woman isn’t afraid of anything. I ate that chicken tonight btw, stay tuned. The food here is surprisingly great. I must admit I was a little worried but I’m pleased to say i look forward to meals. The 150 dollars I spent on power bars won’t go to waste as Dr Sabiti eats Cliff’s protein bars like candy.

I’m posting pics from the community concert that was held in town the other night. As I’m writing this a million things are going on in our living room. Elizabeth is requesting we wear Kissito attire for this interview. Sizing has been an issue with the printed shirts they ordered. Check this pic of Tyler. I tried to offer to pay him to wear this in the interview. How American of me. Okay, can’t focus, too distracted, must get SLEEP.

Ps. Keisha’s test results=no malaria


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  1. The French Fry

    You’ll have to post a photo of you in your new dress when Fiona’s tailor is done with it!

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