Yes, Patron is better, but consider Jose this week…for Africa!

Friends and family. According to the stellar graphing charts WordPress provides, approx 800 people saw my last few post. Wow, amazing! No pressure or anything.  Upon your request, (beautiful, generous people) I will tell you where to donate your hard-earned money! And, thank you for leaving your comfort zone and giving a S$*T!

What it means to volunteer:

I volunteered to work with Kissito for 5 weeks. As a volunteer here, and with most NGO’s, you pay your own way. Upside, is you know your money does not pay for my expenses here. Downside, for those who have expressed interest in volunteering, there are significant cost involved. It cost me upward of 4 thousand dollars to come here-flight, med insurance, vaccines, supplies, etc. If you can get the time off and afford the trek, I highly encourage you to do so, or work with any NGO, anywhere. If you can commit to a lengthy period of time and have specialized skills you can apply for a fellowship.

How you can help without physically touching ground:

Simple. Give what you can. If you are anything like me, you have a gym account open, but have not gone in a year. An unused Spotify account taking your 10 bucks a month to grow Zuckerberg’s fascist agenda…you get the point

Re-shift your monies. Cancel that corporate gym membership that’s giving the CEO his third trip to the Riviera. Yeah! Buy Jose Cuervo instead of Patron this week-I realize this is a tall order.

(a lot of you have written me and expressed feeling bad about smaller donations) YOU’RE CRAZY. Don’t think a small donation is not worth your time. Multiple small donations add up fast sillies. Even a small “sacrifice” on your part can literally transform someone’s life here-I’ve been seeing it with my own eyes. It’s incredibly rewarding.

Some of you asked if Kissito will deduct monthly amounts from accounts –YES


 The Big question: How does Kissito break down donors monies?

100%, 100%, 100% of your money goes directly to aid here in Africa.  Zero dollars go toward US administrative fees, advertising etc- they are covered by Kissito’s domestic mother company. This is RARE

Need a tAx write off? PLEAZE

You can give  support to a particular program – like malnutrition rehabilitation for children in Wanale – or to Kissito’s life-saving hospitals and transformative health programs,  “flipping” dysfunctional, critically understaffed/under-supplied government hospitals

So much has been accomplished here, yet so much more needs to be done!

and, Lizzy has 10 days to get us 10,000, which we desperately need:)



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2 responses to “Yes, Patron is better, but consider Jose this week…for Africa!

  1. Great post Mel! YES…. Any amount helps… It costs on average $3.95 for us to serve a patient like the people you are meeting with what is often life-saving medical or nutritional care in Africa, so even $5 makes a difference… Thanks for posting… I hope folks will consider giving a 100% donation to help the people we serve:

  2. thx so much for the info! i shall spread the good news, my sister.

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